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A Passionate Brand & Packaging Designer.

Imaheka Graphic Design is dedicated to total high-quality experience as it envisions itself to become a genuinely global-class standard for excellence in brand & packaging design

I don’t only make things appealing. I make them work great, as well.

At Imaheka Graphic Design, we recognize that packaging plays a significant role in the standard marketing process, and we never forget that visuals come first, right? 
As a result, we take the time to fully comprehend your brand and collaborate with you from start to finish to select packaging that effectively communicates your product’s qualities and helps to increase sales.

About Me

My name is Victor.

The founder of Imaheka Graphic Design, Imaheka Graphic Design, is a design and consultancy study specializing in branding and product packaging. My main aim and intention are to present your product with a professional look and feel and to provide industry-standard designs that will meet your expectations.

I have more than 25 years of experience in industrial product packaging and graphic designing, offering my services as a freelancer home base studio. Perhaps sometimes you are overwork, and you need extra help, I used to collaborate with other agencies & suppliers too.

I am capable of making your product stand out by planning product boxes, product packaging, product cartoons, insert cards, e-juice bottles, cosmetic jars or any type of container and labels in an aesthetically pleasing way and provide you with editable or non-editable files, in most of the available print production standard file formats such


My Design Process

Each package is unique and must include numerous specifics,
as well as speak clearly and attractively about the product’s benefits. 
As we begin the process, we will discuss with you the following factors:


  • Who is your customer? Who will buy this product and why?
  • Are there competitive products? Is your product any different? How?
  • Does your product require government approvals?
  • Are there any environmental considerations or claims required?
  • Are there manufacturing limitations that will impact the package design?
  • How will the package be printed (litho, flexo, dye-sublimation – these all require specific design considerations)?
  • Will photography or illustration be required?
  • How will language impact the design?
  • How will your product be supported at retail (point-of-purchase, ad campaign, promotion, website, all of these)?

From research

Let’s sit down and discuss what you are thinking, work together,
and explain both concepts.

Home Workstation

Imaheka Graphic Design is a design and home-based studio consultancy that focuses on branding and product packaging. Their services are offered to clients all over the world. Our primary goal and intention is to present your product in a professional manner, both visually and tactilely, and to provide designs that adhere to industry standards and will fulfill your requirements.




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